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PostSubject: Prompts go here   Prompts go here EmptyWed Aug 10, 2011 4:28 am

This is the topic to suggest ideas for fanfiction. I'm not sure if this forum is cool with swearing (stuff like the f-word, I mean), so I will edit this later once I find out what ratings I can allow.

When submitting a prompt, please use the format shown (forms with an asterisk* are necessary):

In other words, the pairing (or no pairing at all, of course) form is where you specify what pairing you want to be in the middle of the fanfiction. The rating form is to specify which rating you want the fanfiction in (ergo, if you want a simple, innocent fanfiction, you specify K and write next to it.that you want a 'clean' fic). The summary is just your exact prompt. The length is how many chapters you want the fic to be.

I'll use one of my own ideas as the first prompt and an example.
Pairing: Joey./Rachel
Rating: T/M, I'm not fussy. Preferably not smut, but swearing and mature themes are fine.
Summary: In TOA Joey and Rachel Kiss, they are making out at the end and Ross walks in, which makes them stop and not eventually have sex that night. What if Ross never walked in? Or what if Joey didn’t feel the need to tell him, back in Barbados? Would Joey and Rachel gone further and maybe lasted? Basically a fic on 'what could have been'.
Length: I like long fics, but I'm at the point where everything is perfect. Like the gum.

We thought Phoebe would leave,
But she just stayed and stayed.
That's right, here all night.
And Chandler will never get l- HEY!
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Prompts go here
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