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Central Perk's Friends Marathon is about fans uniting and re-watching this amazing show together!


 Rules help control the fun!

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Rules help control the fun! Empty
PostSubject: Rules help control the fun!   Rules help control the fun! EmptySun Jul 31, 2011 12:40 pm

REGISTRATION: Make sure to use a valid e-mail address when registering, in order to receive the activation e-mail. If you're having any trouble with activating your account or logging in, try logging within 24 hours after your registration, or, simply, contact us. {contact info: coming soon}

General rules
1. We won't tolerate disrespect, insults, discrimination or anything that could cause drama.
2. Don't insult people based on their sexual orientation, skin color, culture, religion, physical appearance, etc - it won't be tolerated.
3. It's fine to go off-topic once in a while, in moderation, of course, but try to stick to the thread's topic as much as you can.
4. Every thread has its own place. Don't do something SILLY like, creating a "Do you think Monica is bossy?" thread in The one with all the media forum.
5. When posting someone else's work, you're doing it at your own risk. Make sure to ask for permission and to credit the author.

Signature and avatar rules
- SIGNATURES CAN'T BE LARGER THAN 400 PIXELS IN WIDTH AND 250 PIXELS IN HEIGHT. SIGNATURES MUST BE BELOW 150KB. Your signature will be removed in case this is violated.
- No explicit content.
- Use mostly 100x100 pixel avatars.

* * * * * *


The one with the welcoming: category rules
Hey... How you doin'?: forum rules
- Don't make new topics when introducing yourself.
- It's ok to welcome new members, but don't spam the thread with welcoming wishes.
- The purpose of the "Introduce yourself" thread is strictly for introducing yourselves. You can get to know each other better in other sections of the forum.
About Central Perk: forum rules
- News and updates about the forum.

The one where Friends lovers unite: category rules
Meet Friends: forum rules
- This place is reserved mainly for character analysis and discussion. Try not to go off-topic.
The one with all the seasons: forum rules
- This is where you discuss each and every episode however you want.
The one with the media: forum rules
- Pictures, videos, articles, songs, etc you post in here should be only regarding Friends, not actors who are portraying the characters.
- No download links! Private messaging is enabled, so contact one another about that stuff privately.
- Make sure to put a direct link to high quality pictures.
The one with the discussions: forum rules
- This is where you discuss ANYTHING Friends related.
- Respect each other's opinions.
The one with trivia and faq: forum rules
- Check the FAQ before asking a question; maybe it has already been answered.
The one with the inspiration: forum rules
- Post art that is ONLY Friends related.
- Always credit original authors. Don't blame us when they hunt you down and kick your ass for not crediting them.
- Fan-fiction rules!
The one with the actors: forum rules
- This is where you talk about actors in Friends.
- Respect their privacy. No stalker material or SILLY rumors.

The one with all the fun: category rules
Spam section: forum rules
- You're free to chat about anything as long as there's no disrespect and insults.
Entertainment: forum rules
- Before opening a thread, make sure it's not opened already.
- Try to stay on topic.
General wonderingments: forum rules
- Respect each other. Everyone has a right to speak their mind.
- This is no place for personal issues and questions.
Personal: forum rules
- Follow our general rules. It's very important in this section.
- Don't open threads with similar/same content.
- Your art goes into "Express yourself" subforum.

It is crucial that you follow these rules. Any serious rule-breaking will be punished. Thank you.
- Central Perk staff

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Rules help control the fun!
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